Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fuck the White Race

This compilation represents a certain time (1994) and place in Brisbane post-punk's collective cannon. If anything, it's an interesting curio of bands whose tracks don't wholly represent what their music is about. Nonetheless, it exists and that's what's important.

Adjusting things a little from the Brisbane music axis is Venom P Stinger, and even though this group's inclusion is a somewhat puzzling, their live track is a welcome addition. Likewise with fellow Melbournians Thou Gideon...

This (only) CD release from the MALIGNANT label offers some its stable acts - namely Noose, Strontium Dog, Mr Bastard, Grubbage, Slow Loris, Queer and Not From There.

Fuck the White Race also includes the rare mid-period Small World Experience, with an early version of Rounding the Bend featuring Gail Hargreaves on drums. Also representing the SPILL label is the Gatekeepers, with an alternate version of Silence - incorrectly tracked as Waterlogged.

Sadly, MALIGNANT's Monty Blomfield passed away not long after the release of this compilation and his family unjustly destroyed everything to do with the label's back catalogue - including this.

The Malignant Discography in brief...

v/a BURNING THE SUN cassette
THE INVISIBLE EMPIRE - An Unnatural Act cassette
STRONTIUM DOG - The Strontium Dog is Dead cassette
STRONTIUM DOG/NOOSE - Strawberry Rice Cake Man/Down 7"
QUEER - Queer vs Dead C 7" EP
STONTIUM DOG - Another Noise in a Different Kitchen cassette
NOT FROM THERE - Valid to 06/95 CD
SLOW LORIS - Strip Mining cassette
INVISIBLE EMPIRE - Jeezly Fishcakes cassette
MR BASTARD - Buggering with Bernard cassette

Thursday, September 2, 2010