Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ugly Ugly Ugly EP

Released by Rim of Hell Records in 1988, this 4 track 7" EP contains Birthday Party/Laughing Clowns moments of poorly recorded (side a) and above average (side b) inspired(?) Australian post, post-punk.

1. Living in a Sponge
2. Bye

3. The Princess and the Bicycle Thief
4. Pride

Chris Spencer's oft-inaccurate, yet essential Who's Who of Australian Rock describes them as "New Wave pop, Cabaret, Jazz Funk" - and in that order. Ugly Ugly Ugly existed between 1986 and 1990.

Regardless of who they are or are not - because no-one seems to know anyway, this is essential listening and a nice curve-ball for your mixtape, portable playing device or similar.

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Anonymous said...

Nice words and thanks for listening.
Happy to tell you more about Ugly Ugly Ugly and the Rim of Hell.
Still going.
Try "The See Captain" by Les Goolies on the Band Camp website.
Marc Louis