Friday, January 7, 2011

Bruce Woodley - The ANZ Bank Travelling Man

Bruce Woodley goes baroque pop with his post Seekers promo 45, The ANZ Bank Travelling Man. This is believed to be from around 1971, and only given out to employees of the Australia New Zealand Bank. And weren't they lucky!

Bruce Woodley - The ANZ Bank Travelling Man by Licorice Lounge

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Anonymous said...

I remember listening to this in 1971 when my dad got a copy. I didn't understand the feelings then but now nearly 45 years on those feelings were of pride for my dad and the ANZ. my dad is now 80 and I even more proud of him now then I was them. I can't say the same the ANZ what was important then is not now. Because of my dads love of his (only) employer I would love the opportunity to respect ANZ as
highly as I respect my dad. Its not to late to connect to us the Joe Publics of Oz as we the silent majority have 60% of what u want. but if u ANZ take up the challenge to engulf us the Joe Public of the world then u will be crowned the KING as the silent majority still hold then power and I have the key to that majority