Monday, January 3, 2011

January Mix CDR

1. ELMER BERNSTEIN - frankie machine
2. THE WILD CHERRIES - krome plated yabby
3. RICHARD HARRIS - a tramp shining
4. WIZZARD - ball park incident
5. BLACK SABBATH - never say die!
6. HAL BLAINE - topsy '65
7. PHIL MANZANERA - technicolour UFO
8. THE RED KRAYOLA - save the house
9. JOHN LEE HOOKER - big legs, tight skirt
10. THE ZEROS - wild weekend
11. BIG YOUTH - screaming target
12. PERE UBU - non-alignment pact
13. BEST COAST - sun was high (so was i)
14. PVC2 - put you in the picture
15. JACK PALANCE - the meanest guy that ever lived
16. THE QUICK - it won't be long
17. BLACK TAMBOURINE - throw aggi off the bridge
18. GUIDED BY VOICES - indian was an angel
19. BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL - lucifer rising part IV
20. BLUE ORCHIDS - bad education
21. THE FALL - stay away (old white train)
22. PETER JEFFERIES - world in a blanket
23. CULT FIGURES - zip nolan
24. THE KINKS - this time tomorrow
25. RONNIE SPECTOR - tandoori chicken

The scanner bulb gave up the ghost after many years of hearty service, so we're going to have to endure a format change for the time being.

There's a lot of weird and wonderful articles and mixes in my drafts folder that's been accumulating in the past few years, so hopefully 2011 is the year they'll all come out for all and sundry.

Meanwhile, I hope you find something new and interesting in this month's monthly.

Find it here!

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Maddy said...

non alignment pact - nice one.