Friday, January 7, 2011

C'mon Aussie C'mon: World Series Cricket Themes from 1978 and 1979

These are songs from when cricket was played by men who wielded willows for the love of the game. Men who smoked, drank pints, grew moustaches, shagged birds and didn't cry. And look at that fucking team (see photo)! Lillee, Marsh, Walker and the Chappell brothers immortalised in 2:18 of virgin vinyl for all and sundry. This is by far the armchair pisshead's choice of song, and dare I say the definitive version.

The Mojo Singers - C'Mon Aussie C'Mon 1978 by Licorice Lounge

Trying to mooch from the success of the 1978 record, they try again with alternate lyrics and some call-and-response vibes from some fake Carribean accent. Not as arse-wiping as the Shannon Noll version from a few years ago, but close. At least there's a nice reference to Rodney Hogg.

The Mojo Singers - C'Mon Aussie C'Mon (The New Era) by Licorice Lounge

The Mojo Singers - World Series Cup by Licorice Lounge

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