Sunday, September 21, 2008

First starts for the lost arts.

What becomes immediately known these days is this overwhelming abundance of bands, music and such. Two questions spring to mind: where did they all come from, and has it always been this way? The internet has certainly allowed the hopelessly obscure to circulate among the famous and the infamous. I'm only starting to wonder why Mark E. Smith's "too many bands, too many musicians" quote sounds stronger than ever. Maybe I'm just too old (and old fashioned?) to venture out into this so-called amazing array of new bands.

My solution is in trying to avoid these new trends and new sensations - focusing more on yesterday's wine than today's whine. Working in a record shop doesn't help this at all, but nevertheless I'll trudge on and create a focus (in this blog) on some of the more overlooked talents. There will most likely be a strong emphasis on Australian and New Zealand post punk and I'll do my best not to overlap with other blogs I've seen in my travels. It might not be such a simple task, but what the hey.

This of course will spin out of control and veer away from any previous plots, so I'm just going to write about things that interest me, as that's what blogs are generally about.


bob nebe said...

This sounds like a very promising blog donat, I look forward to what you will post.
ciao bob

Donat said...

Cheers Bob, as inspiration is what I do indeed need.